Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A place where fans Buy and Sell ticket with NO FEEs

Hey people,

Been a while. The reason I've been so MIA from this blog is that absolutely nothing has happened in the world of sports over the past few years. Nothing... I'm Serious. Perhaps the whole Tiger Woods thing was of some note. I suppose his future tournament successes will dictate whether that whole shabang ever mattered (typing shabang feels weird).

Maybe a few other things. Gretzky retired, again. McGwire is back and still huge (wrongful accusers... all of you), and Canada remains unseated in the curlingverse (like the twitterverse, but for curling).

Well... there is one major development. I stumbled upon an awesome new website the other day called Seatcrew -

This site claims to be "the no-fee, local, social marketplace where fans buy and sell tickets". A bit confusing, maybe. But after playing around with the site, the tagline made sense (Stupid SEO rules).

Basically, this is a site where you can list and buy tickets for free. I personally detest stubhub and find craigslist headache inducing. This site eliminates the service fees by connecting you directly to the sellers and eliminates shipping fees (i once paid 20 bucks to ship stubhub tickets two weeks before the evnet) by letting you search for tickets by location - its cool, i found Jets tickets right around my block, talked back and forth with the ACTUAL seller, and went and picked them up - $50 bucks saved over the stubhub alternative. Also, in relation to craigslist, the site is really easy to use. It is very easy to search for a ticket, put in an offer for a ticket, and confirm the transaction.

What's cool is they let you stay in touch with the seller by following him. In essence, you can get updates when the seller you like does something new. For example, i "followed" my seller. The next day he added a new ticket and the update popped into my feed.

You can also review and rate sellers a la ebay which is a nice way to weed out those sheisty craigslist miscreants.

Enough rambling - check them out at
you can follow them @seatcrew
you can like them @
you can read their blog at

You can find me at the bar.



The world series got rained out. What if it rains again tomorrow, and the next day and every day until april 2nd. Could we conceivably have the world series after the first day of spring training. We'll see who's really the best when both staff's aces are pitching on 136 days rest.

The world series is a heavily contested match between a hockey team and a big east school, i think, im not really paying attention.

The NHL started the season in Europe. Technically that makes it the IHL, which i suppose wasn't instituted for trademark reasons and the fact that the whole "starting in europe" thing is pretty stupid.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey Fans,

Been a long time since I've posted here. The blog world is incredibly saturated and given the lack of focus of my blog, I felt that spewing out my genius and using it to attract you, the readers, was unfair.

But upon completing my last post, in June of 2010, i vowed to myself to one day return to the scene. Condition precedent to that vow was that I would remain in hiding until an event sufficiently earth-shattering to awaken me, occurred.

And occurred it has.

Have you guys heard about If not, I'm happy to be the one telling you all, all about it.

From what i understand, and the details are hazy because they're not fully launched yet, is a no fee ticket website. Yep, no fees. pretty sweet.

The other day i paid $20 in service fees to Stubhub, and then had to overnight the tickets even though the game i bought tickets for waas 12 days away. Ridiculous!

I had a brief conversation with the Seatcrew founder and he told me that in addition to being no-fee based, will be a location based search site so that you can literally find tickets on your block, and skip the BS costs of having to overnight tickets from New York to New York weeks before the event.

Also, they have some interesting social layering of which I haven't gotten the chance to hear about yet but should be pretty cool and innovative.

Anyway, i think they're launching soon. Could this be the solution to ridiculous over charging on Stubhub? Could this replace the unfriendly, anonymous, disorganized ticket-buying chaos that is Craigslist?

I sure as hell hope so. For all the money i've spent on fees on Stubhub, i could have a rainbow of Aston Martins and a beach house in Charleston. - and remember, DCMSG brought it to you first. is their facebook page. They're also on twitter @Seatcrew