Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey Fans,

Been a long time since I've posted here. The blog world is incredibly saturated and given the lack of focus of my blog, I felt that spewing out my genius and using it to attract you, the readers, was unfair.

But upon completing my last post, in June of 2010, i vowed to myself to one day return to the scene. Condition precedent to that vow was that I would remain in hiding until an event sufficiently earth-shattering to awaken me, occurred.

And occurred it has.

Have you guys heard about If not, I'm happy to be the one telling you all, all about it.

From what i understand, and the details are hazy because they're not fully launched yet, is a no fee ticket website. Yep, no fees. pretty sweet.

The other day i paid $20 in service fees to Stubhub, and then had to overnight the tickets even though the game i bought tickets for waas 12 days away. Ridiculous!

I had a brief conversation with the Seatcrew founder and he told me that in addition to being no-fee based, will be a location based search site so that you can literally find tickets on your block, and skip the BS costs of having to overnight tickets from New York to New York weeks before the event.

Also, they have some interesting social layering of which I haven't gotten the chance to hear about yet but should be pretty cool and innovative.

Anyway, i think they're launching soon. Could this be the solution to ridiculous over charging on Stubhub? Could this replace the unfriendly, anonymous, disorganized ticket-buying chaos that is Craigslist?

I sure as hell hope so. For all the money i've spent on fees on Stubhub, i could have a rainbow of Aston Martins and a beach house in Charleston. - and remember, DCMSG brought it to you first. is their facebook page. They're also on twitter @Seatcrew

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