Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Le Retourne

Does anyone else love Jerry Manuel? I dare to ask what he’s smoking. This guy is having the best time i’ve ever seen a manager have. Jerry Manuel told a reporter that he wanted chicken fingers with A LOT of ketchup (ha ha ha)… Exactly… Jerry Manuel is on something and if anyone can direct me towards his dealer I’d be greatly obliged. Solution to the Mets problem is very VERY simple. Santana has been despite his record… an ace. Pelfrey has turned not into the legitimate #3 we hoped he would (replacing the pending #2 (actually an ace) Kazmir), but a solid, scary, reliable #2. That lets Olli slip to the less scrutinized #3 that allows him better matchups, Johnny Maine into the #4 where he can be the only 15 game #4 winner. All that is in the five is in the name… five (5) good innings and we’re thrilled… finally a use for Schoenweiss, and the rest of the three musketeers (all four of them). Oh and Pedro – best setup man in the league? Who wants to hit Pedro in the 6th and 7th night to night? By the way...Manny? Nah. Matt Holliday? Ehh… Lets see what Fernando can do (don’t see Alex Ochoa, Alex Escobar and REY ORDONEZ). The team is firing, the east is falling and the NL is a cemetery. Call it right place at right time but I…. yes I, love Jerry Manuel.

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