Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And i think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Post #44 Topic: The NHL Stands Alone

Here’s a quickie. Not because I don’t have a lot to say on the matter (which I always do), just because this point can be effectively be made in few words.

NFL: The Patriots, several time NFL Super Bowl Championship cheated. They cheated by videotaping other team’s practices, and using those tapes to prepare for SUPERBOWL CONTESTS. This is the ultimate in cheating. It’s one thing to cheat during the regular season, its another to cheat your way all the way to the championship.

NBA: The refs fix the games. Simple and plain the NBA is fixed. Last year 1 NBA referee was incarcerated for betting on games in Las Vegas. The response was that “just because I bet on games doesn’t mean I cheated”. Right!!! That’s completely logical. Why then would you be betting on games in which you were the referee, and not any other random games. Perhaps because you as a referee, Mr. Donaghy, had a little say in the result of the game! While you may not have caused the games to be decided differently, your bias undoubtedly had some impact on what is supposed to be the pure competitive nature of the game. Furthermore, thanks to your carelessness, we were compelled to ask you whether there was more cheating in the league. Your answer, that at least half of the refs in basketball have bet on games in which they have reffed, was both appalling and unsurprising… anything for a quick buck, even if it means leaving your faithful employer out to dry.

Preposterous. Simply disgusting. I personally believe that Las Vegas would be an excellent place to hold any franchise. The constant influx of tourism would ensure patronage and the ever-expanding population of Las Vegas could guarantee a dedicated fan-base. BUT, because idiots like yourself Mr. Donaghy HAVE TO take advantage of the access that your profession offers, Las Vegas will always appear as nothing but a sinful location where NO BASKETBALL TEAM, could ever be managed fairly. Who the F*ck wants to cheer for a team in Oklahoma City??????

MLB: I sat and watched the Clemens hearing for two hours this morning, and then kept up with the progression of the hearings courtesy of Jayson Stark’s well-written blog on the issue. Here is what I noticed: This guy McNamee is a creep. His stories criss-cross each other, he has a shameful history of lies and deceit, he doesn’t “remember” things, ala Alberto Gonzales, that are crucial to the hearings, and overall he is a very untrustworthy guy.

However, prior to the hearings, this is what I knew. That McNamee pointed his finger at both Knoblauch and Petitte who both admitted their guilt. Unless McNamee is using that leverage as some fuel for some personal vendetta he has against Roger, then Roger can not be believed. There is too much evidence: The syringes, the bloody-ass (yes the bloddy-ass, read highlights of the proceedings), Clemens’ wife, Pettite’s claims against Roger… the list goes on and on. Thus I conclude: Roger Clemens is a cheater, and a liar, and has done nothing but to perpetuate the bad image that has engulfed baseball since Mark McGwire disappeared to 2pac’s island hideaway in order to avoid the bad press that would inevitably arrive once the essence of baseball’s steroid culture was injected into mainstream media (perhaps one of the smartest thing that a ball-player has ever done (whew that was a long sentence, read it again slowly)).

NCAA: Thank god the NCAA is clean right? WRONG! Just today Kelvin Sampson was busted for violating the terms of his “parole” set as punishment for the recruiting violations he committed during his Oklahoma tenure. Get this: This guy got in trouble for something and subsequently had restrictions put on his recruiting limits. He then broke those rules when he arrived at Indiana, resulting in a suspension. At this time one would assume that Sampson would have grown wise to the watchful eye of the NCAA. BUT NO! He kept cheating. Making calls when he wasn’t supposed to, sending messages that were explicitly prohibited, even involving other innocent coaches in his “slimey” scheme. What a schmuck. What are we to assume? That Sampson is the only one doing this? There are over 256 NCAA division 1 programs. If it took Sampson this long to get caught, and others have been caught in the past, something tells me that there are at least a few other major programs that should be convicted of similar offenses.

The NHL stands alone, the NHL stands alone, Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, the NHL stands alone.

Other Notes

Everybody stutters one way or the other so check out my message to you. As a matter of fact don’t let nothing hold you back, if the Scatman can do it so can you IM THE SCATMAN.

Recently, my sudden obsession with Jazz overcame my love for Weezie, essentially “killing weezie”. Well as we all knew, Weezie is a warrior, and not one to be held down. Having uncovered the release of The Draught Is Over Part IV, I am proud to say that Weezie has awoken from his tomb to kill that very musical genre that originally laid him to rest. All hale Weezie – our lord… our savior.

Does Mike Huckabee really not believe in evolution? Seriously, does he stand by that claim? I for one have never actually heard him say that. BUT… I hope even more so that no American is stupid enough to vote for a non-evolutionist, especially after the damage that our electoral stupidity has caused us in the past (cough cough George Bush cough cough).

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